Alternative energy refers to energy solutions that do not come from fossil fuels but act as a possible replacement for our current energy sources that do use fossil fuels. Our policy regarding alternative energy is to reduce first, then produce. The less energy your building uses, the less energy your building will need to produce.


Sometimes buildings have different lighting needs at different times. With control solutions, you can set your outdoor lighting on schedules, keeping your building as well lit as it needs to be at the right time while still saving on your energy costs.


In many businesses, HVAC units are a necessary evil. We offer many solutions to keep your building either warm or cool without over-spending on energy. We realize that many business owners cannot install new, high-efficiency HVAC units. That is why we almost always recommend solutions that enhance and sustain already existing systems.


Lighting is a low-hanging fruit for many businesses and can be an excellent first step towards energy efficiency. We work with business owners to determine an appropriate balance between up-front cost, energy efficiency and long-term energy savings to achieve minimized costs and maximized profits over the long-term.


Power that gets delivered to your building via the electric grid can be affected by many factors, resulting in lower quality power. Power saving solutions balance, stabilize and boost voltage across all phases of equipment, reducing flickering lights, sudden computer reboots and unexpected failure of vital equipment.


Refrigeration systems are proven energy hogs and can take a toll on many business’ operations. We work with business owners to ensure their refrigeration systems are working properly while reducing their role in causing high energy bills.