Utility bills can be confusing. These bills are usually paid, even though there may be hidden and costly overcharges, duplicate charges, tax miscalculations, or other errors. Tariffs change constantly and utilities fall behind the pace of change. Many companies just assume their bills are correct, but mistakes could be costing your company hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you don’t catch them, the utility’s mistakes are costing your company money. You should acquire a utility bill audit in order to save your company money.

A utility bill audit will:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of billing, usage and rate information.
  • Clarify invoices.
  • Identify errors and overcharges.
  • Find refund opportunities.
  • Assist in getting refunds made on a timely basis.
  • Examine usage patterns to identify additional cost savings opportunities on an ongoing basis.
  • Cost you absolutely nothing! Any fee is paid from errors uncovered.
  • Our utility bill audits include electricity and natural gas.