Each electricity and natural gas supplier is unique.  Opportunities are different across different geographic regions, fuel type, and industry.  Veritas Power Solutions works with suppliers that are aligned with our client’s goals and objectives.

While conducting our review, we will highlight some of the key variables in determining which suppliers make sense for you.

  • Product Portfolio:  Aggressive / Index Rate Pricing. Conservative / Fixed Rate Pricing.  Hybrid pricing.  Custom pricing for your specific usage profile.
  • Hedging Constraints:  Flexibility to use forward contracts to capture low rates during market dips.  Ability to leverage down rates before contract expiration while market opportunities exist.
  • Payment Terms:  We have seen payment terms ranging from 10 to 30 days.  Many companies never find the appropriate rate and payment term combination.  The lowest price with the shortest payment terms is often the costliest scenario.
  • Green Energy:  Who provides the appropriate mix of green energy that matches your company objectives?

Provide us with your basic business information. We will begin developing your specific strategy.