How Does it Work?

The Veritas Power Rebate Program, powered by Retro-Rebate, LLC is a utility retrofitting program that allows enterprise clients to “Go Green” and utilize LED technology to upgrade their lighting systems and other utility saving technology with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!

Benefits Include:

  • Tax deductible and a marketing opportunity
  • No capital investment, simply maintain your average monthly utility billing*
  • Instant rebates on energy savings as well as an opportunity for annual rebates**

* Increased utility usage could result in increased monthly billings
** Rebate opportunities vary by each location/end user

What We do to Help

A member of our team will set an appointment to have our Energy Professionals walk your establishment and design a retrofit program. This retrofit program could could include both LED lighting as well as an HVAC commercial upgrade. Our team will then analyze the information and calculate the Retro-Rebate. Finally we will present you with a completed offer!

Enterprise client is able to utilize the cost savings of the retrofitting to:

  1. Pay for the entire upgrade-up front!
  2. Roll in Fire system upgrades, software upgrades and management contracts to the extent additional rebates are available; or
  3. Receive the remaining available utility savings immediately after install or in annual payments…Client’s choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to do this?

A 60 Month Retro-Rebate is calculated based upon your most recent 12 month utility history and the savings projected by doing the retrofit. Veritas Rebate program is able to utilize that projected 60 months of utility savings to pay for the program and still allow the client access to savings today. Eliminating upfront capital investment and ROI delays.

What’s the catch?

There is no “catch”.  The client must qualify for the program and agree to continue to pay the same average monthly utility bill to which they are currently obligated.  The client gets to benefit from the monthly savings, upfront, but will continue to pay the same average bill over the next 60 months.  Retro-Rebate becomes the utility billing provider and your payment covers your electric bill as well as the program at no additional monthly expense (assuming usage does not go up*).

* Savings based upon your 12 month average usage with a standard deviation allowance. Should your usage increase, your utility bill may increase, there is no increase in program costs. Should your usage decrease, you will receive an additional rebate at the anniversary of your contract.

How Long does it Take?

From the date of completion of the evaluation process, the client offer should be available within 3 business days.  Refit can be scheduled as early as 1 business day after acceptance depending upon project size and location and client availability.

How Do I Qualify?

Call Veritas to set up a Utility evaluation. At this evaluation, you will be asked to complete a one page application for the program. Part of the program is to ensure client is qualified for a Retro Rebate. When the Retro-Rebate is approved and the figures are calculated, your Veritas representative will set at time to go over the plan, make any necessary adjustments and set a date for installation.