Timing is everything! You have likely heard this expression before. How can your company take advantage of good market timing in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets?

There is a common misperception that current contract end dates should determine future contract renewals or extensions. Many companies leave themselves exposed to the mercy of the ever changing energy market. They arbitrarily review electricity and natural gas rates just before existing contracts expire. During price spike periods this can lead to a doubling or tripling of renewal rates when market conditions are unfavorable.

Once your strategy has been determined, Veritas Power Solutions goes to work on your behalf to look for dips in market pricing that would enable your firm to maintain or leverage down existing contract rates. This process essentially creates a perpetual RFP for your future energy needs and removes the potential for rate shock.

With our price watch program, you will know when to secure your next contract. Please provide some basic information. We will then begin monitoring your specific plan.